We are now pleased to announce our venture into specialist turf care for all your individual needs and requirements.

We offer fully trained staff to advise and carry out all your needs throughout the year from;

  • Fertilising - Set to the requirements of your lawn (organic or non-organic) and the soil conditions.

  • Disease Control - The lawn is monitored and the correct course of action will be taken to prevent or cure the problem.

  • Aeration- All lawns need the compaction of soil to be relieved making for a healthier sward. The needs of your lawn will be discussed and the correct action taken.

  • Scarification - Removal of much of the surface thatch and moss which has accumulated over the season and will also promote finer leaved grass within your lawn.

All treatments used are safe around children and pets.

All products used are of professional quality and as enviromentally friendly as possible.

So why not give us a call to arrange a convenient time to discuss the needs of all your grassed areas.

Whether large or small, The Wright Lawn Service

will give your lawns a new lease of life!